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"If someone makes the claim that science shows that there is a God I will ask for that study as well and I will hold them to the same standard. You see when I say I believe in God I am not saying I have proof of God. The unknown is what has driven science. Science has never shown that the unknown is not needed and never will. If someone makes the claim that science has shown something then I will ask for that study. Whether they say it has shown God or if they say it has shown no God."

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Nezuru 5 months ago
I get that. I'm sure there are family members of Aileen's victims still around. It may have been hard for them to see that movie be made. I'm not sure. I think we just have to take it on a case by case basis.
Kigasar 5 months ago
My favourite "sin" is having non-missionary sex and non-"traditional" sex.
Shasida 5 months ago
Your reasoning doesn't add up.
Nikolrajas 4 months ago
KC. 42 as:
Yozshukree 4 months ago
Edited. I get tired of people saying "the supreme court said," when we all know what it said.
Gardat 4 months ago
Just like the atheists in science, you're not qualified to participate in this debate, the only difference between you and them is, the atheists in science are smart enough to run away from debate, you are not
Vikazahn 4 months ago
;) welcome! I had to look it up too the first time someone talked about it.
Fenririsar 3 months ago
The question is to what extent each of the persons listed on this site supports or has published in support of the central thesis that the site proffers. There is certainly enough criticism in professional circles of the speculations in which non-evolutionary biologists such as Shapiro engage. Their views are not widely accepted. In fact, the consensus among evolutionary biologists rejects them as unfounded, or based on misinterpretation of the data and the modern synthesis.
Shaktikus 3 months ago
mmm, I haven't had a good flan in years now :(
Samurg 3 months ago
I think that it is easy to falsify the notion that there exists a human-loving superpower: smallpox. As to claims that are not falsifiable by evidence: just because they are not falsifiable doesn't mean that they are all nonsense... one should only believe that for which one has convincing evidence.
Juhn 3 months ago
What fukin real American wants a dynasty running the country R U insane.. I guess the same one that treats political parties like a a football team, with colors, themes and all... I liked it better when you rednecks were busy hating people.
JoJora 3 months ago
What b.s. foul trouble? Game 6? You mean fouling out after the game was over. Its hard to tell with Ws fans, they keep inventing excuses for that loss instead of excepting it and moving on. They got beat by a better team and of story.
Nezahn 3 months ago
Because it's the low hanging fruit.
Kigam 2 months ago
That's faulty reasoning, since it can't be verified.
Tuzilkree 2 months ago
Paul affirmed there were many brothers of the Lord. Brothers in Christ. St. Jerome confirmed the perpetual virginity of Mary. Even Protestant leaders such as Martin Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin all believed in the perpetual virginity of Mary. Only modern Protestant and non-Christian enemies of the Church started twisting the faith into a false version of Christianity.
Molmaran 2 months ago
They can see you. They can comment at you. You won't get notified and you won't be able to read what they've posted.
Shabei 2 months ago
The tariffs that Canada are putting back on in retaliation are specifically targeting Trumps base. The EU's Tariffs will do the same.
Yozilkree 2 months ago
Human existence is only evidence of humans, not gods.
Masar 1 month ago
Care to explain how the earth could have been covered with water ("wet rock") (Genesis 1:2) before this god of yours created the earth (Genesis 1:1)? Not only are you a cheap, dishonest apologist, but a mixed-up one as well.
Ball 1 month ago
Can we also talk about how I just literally turned British the second I called you "love'. I like it.
Juzuru 1 month ago
And an idiot
Goltira 1 month ago
It was the Indonesian shitstain Barouk Obama who killed the Constellation project.
Tale 1 month ago
It's true many vets have said they would have lain down their weapons had they known what would become of the West. After all, ever since the war, mass immigration, diversity and Marxism have spread West with the EU now ruled by a 'former' Stasi.
Brarisar 1 month ago
Very true I'm afraid!
Maunris 1 month ago
So opposed that Trump won the election
Kikazahn 3 weeks ago
It's not so bad, you can always float back home.
Marr 1 week ago
I know which god YOU are talking about. My point is that others believe in other gods which are just as valid. They have their religions and their books. More than just your god is credited with a creation. And that's the point. There isn't any difference between the peoples of different religions. There is nothing special about Christianity. In fact, much of Christianity is taken from other religions, even pagan ones.
Shaktigis 1 week ago
"Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion"
Vilrajas 2 days ago
you're replying to me genius, this is my thread.....and I thought I wasn't worth your time? Now please be a man of your word. No means no.

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