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"This is what is being clearly glossed over in the article:"

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Sweet titty Asian bitches fucking the dude in a hot foursome

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Until recently that was still the case, but shortly after my 18th birthday this changed. But I saw my vagina still pooling out with the white sticky fluid, and my stomach was getting ever so slightly smaller in return.

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Faegor 1 year ago
My teachers...and do note, there is no 'have to' about it.
Toshura 1 year ago
Nope. We'll get the standard. "these are not our views, but we have to respect free speech" spiel. When are universities going to grasp that these idiots represent them and their brand. Regardless of claiming otherwise.
Karn 1 year ago
To shoot people without them doing me harm? No.
Voodoosar 1 year ago
Thank the c.i.a. for starting another war with lies...
Shakazilkree 1 year ago
"Good politician". Lol. You and I are on totally different planes of existence.
Dulabar 11 months ago
I don't think bad about an actor cause of his/her role, that's the job and they aren't really hurting anyone.
Vujin 11 months ago
the usa was going to deport them, so why should Canada take them?
Nekora 11 months ago
Persecution is part and parcel of human being life.
Tujin 11 months ago
Yes smashing describes it very well.
Mukora 11 months ago
Would you prefer hillbilly? They mean the same thing Sling Blade but you retards can?t draw simple conclusions as evidenced in your comments. You mouth breathers are so fucking embarrassing it?s ridiculous.
Kagashura 11 months ago
Wow! That is a great quote.
Voodoorisar 10 months ago
A person can onlt my be stoned after a trial with many safe guards. Including a ridiculously high burden of proof and a chance for the person to stop.
Juk 10 months ago
The mechanism is natural selection. Its a fact, but it isn't producing new splits anymore. That's a fact too. Its since ceased and evo can't figure out why. Ok...i exaggerate, its slowed waaaay down. If this is consistent, in other words, it had yo happen another way. We say...God. God put life here fully formed, with dynamic genomes. Its common descent, but not common descent all life. It stays within the parameters of kind, family. Its only a matter of time through generations that the ability through code is lost. Its common sense. Mutation build up, the big change slows down then stops. It was always bound though.
Dizilkree 10 months ago
I wasn't concealing child sex abuse in the 1970s.
Togis 10 months ago
Did I qualify it with anything? Her boobs are nice, but that's about all she is. Boobs.
Kagarn 10 months ago
That's why I wasn't happy with the way the whole #metoo movement went, especially with the Hollywood award ceremonies and such. You had celebrities stating they were victims,yet.... the ones who put them on the spot and victimized them are behind the camera making money and telling them what to do and how to say what they are saying. So no matter how you want to say we should accept them as victims to, they are being used as shields and it is working cause... Weinstein was able to openly prey on women for how long and get away with it? That's how bad it was. He is only getting arrested now as a sacrifice, there are plenty more.. did any of you think 10 - 20 years ago that Bill Cosby was a serial rapist?
Faelrajas 10 months ago
Christian dominated countries? Christianity by and large doesn't present itself as a politically driven religion; one that would want to create a theocracy at least. Regardless, how many Christian dominated countries are there? A case could be made for the US, and Evangelicals here helped push Trump into power. So, maybe not a Theocracy, but repulsive nonetheless. Keep trying, maybe one day you will get it.
Vukus 10 months ago
you can show me later?
Malashakar 9 months ago
refusing to share a toy as a child makes us inherently bad? Give me a break
Samutaur 9 months ago
"?Till death do us part? isn?t meant to enforce love, it?s meant to enforce commitment"
Dumuro 9 months ago
That's a bummer. You'd think blocking someone would mean you wouldn't see it anymore... I suppose you could make a separate account just for admin duties perhaps.
Voodoolrajas 9 months ago
Careful, she's very proud of her weirdness.
Brasar 9 months ago
Which is everyone?s America, considering Trump was elected POTUS.
Galkis 8 months ago
Sorry - not a Christian...but exactly how do you think shutting down the free tax break violates the First Amendment? It is not stopping anyone from practicing their religion freely at all.
Tara 8 months ago
Typically, I prefer not to argue grammar, spelling, etc., as this is the Religion Channel, not the English Channel. But since the sentence that you are referring to was not my own, but rather a quote, I?ll help you decipher it?s meaning. The word ?will? is used as a verb synonymous to desire or intend. The English is correct.
Muzilkree 8 months ago
Are you sure you've picked the best examples to rebut Dark's point? Is it really "the people" of North Korea and Cuba that stand for atheism and against religion? Or is it the self-appointed spokesmen of "the people?"
Zut 8 months ago
So you love evolution, but you hate evolution. Make up your mind.
Gokasa 8 months ago
You sinned because you believed that Jesus' hatred of sin is "hate speech," which you foolishly condemn in your profile. Some activities are worthy of God's hatred and ours. We never sin when agreeing with God's hatred of sin.

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