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"Especially in Psalm 5:5, "(god) hates all evildoers." that would be you wouldn't it Lois? I'm still trying to understand why you believe Jesus came for gentiles when he states in Matthew 10:5-6 an 15:24 he only came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. You worship a mortal who doesn't offer you salvation."

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He put his hands around my face and said So you like sucking cock, eh?… You like the taste of a big fat steaming cock. She flinched but didn't resist, so I eased my fingers under the moist material of her panties and touched her pussy.

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He had a huge bed, but my eyes were mainly focused on the lot of sex-toys lying around. You're just a little tease," I yelled in her face. Then he put his mouth interraciall her sex. "How do you plan dtory get us to your safe havens," said the tree creature in the front row.

Steve pressed the button on the door and the window slid down. Ennada un thambi enna solluraanu keppan, naan nalla putharu thedi oliyanumnu ninaikirandi.

"Like this?" I tittered as I lifted the hem of my dress up a couple of inches. I bent over and yanked her knees up and out so that her pussy was fully exposed. She was almost constantly cumming at this point and he smiled at the drool that was coming from her mouth and the way her eyes rolled dife time he thrust particularly harshly.

"Fantastic," Terry whispered, "I didn't think young women wore nylons anymore.

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Akitaxe 1 year ago
What ways do you offer for exterminating harmful and dangerous ideologies?
Vikus 1 year ago
Just look at how more advance the NT is from the OT.
JoJomuro 1 year ago
It's mental illness combined with a lack of social skills. The Venn diagram for those with poorly developed social skills and incels is basically a circle. Instead of saying "Why won't women date me?", the question young men need to ask themselves is, "What do I have to do to become a man women want to date."
Meztit 1 year ago
well you would be considered much more valuable to God than these 300 years of Christians who had no proof except their transformation from death to life in Christ... death is what is in every man born in the world except Jesus.. who was born of a woman,alone , him not made by man's seed.
Goltit 1 year ago
Skeptic. Freethinker. He called Nature God.
Tagore 1 year ago
Sure I agree that belief is a binary proposition but just because you believe X is possible does not mean you accept a story about X as true. A male Jew by the name Jesus existing in first century Palestine is not an extraordinary claim. The New Testament Gospel accounts are extraordinary claims that require sufficient evidence to shoulder the burden of their claims. All the evidence we have says it is not possible for a dead human to return from being dead. We have zero evidence this is even possible yet it is a claimed that it happened.
Vitaxe 11 months ago
That's a very rapey picture. The girl is slightly pulling away from the white Jesus, who looks like a pervy college professor. Only she's too young to be in college.
Metilar 11 months ago
He regularly offers the service. He never checked the design. They never got that far. He refused them a service because they were gay.
Bat 11 months ago
Believers can explain the wind. This OP just isn't very well-formed, IMO.
Visho 11 months ago
And so, there you are. Now you show your true stuff. Money and technophilia make you drool with pride.
Kizilkree 11 months ago
I was wondering about that... I was like why is he saying it's a hoax and then linking to NASA which provides the facts...
Tojadal 11 months ago
what do you think it's lacking?
Yozshulrajas 10 months ago
start leaving self breast examination phamplets on his desk.. just in case hes worried about that ,too.
Zuhn 10 months ago
I bet they were freaks. :-P
Miramar 10 months ago
Well your no does not break down my point at all.
Dizahn 10 months ago
Most gonorrhea is curable, I believe. It's herpes you really don't want.
Tugrel 9 months ago
Bad timing, yes. I'd loathe any kind of public announcement whether it was on a *celebration day* or not.
Sakora 9 months ago
The federal level where they are once again tanking? Canadians are certainly getting a huge dollop of buyer remorse.
JoJolabar 9 months ago
"Trump says he is likely to support ending federal ban on marijuana"
Kagalkree 9 months ago
^^ this is what stupid looks like
Faejin 9 months ago
I never understood the criticism, "who do you think you are to question god?"
Nashakar 8 months ago
Red Lobster: promoting sin and abomination since 1968.
Galkree 8 months ago
Modern Feminism in itself is attack on masculinity. Defense against it isnt insecurity. Its just the opposite.
Toshicage 8 months ago
It was very lovely. Have a nice evening.
Aralrajas 8 months ago
Actually I said that God is bring true Freedom. He has done it from the beginning and took us bit by bit out of slavery. And now He is doing the last restoration.
Tetilar 8 months ago
I guess you haven't listened to Rachel Maddow and her ridiculous conspiracy theories against Trump. And what about the coverage of where is Malania. Or what about the kids in a cage which was under Obama and not Trump. Most of what Hannity talks about is things that are out in the public which aren't being reported by the left stream media. I guess we'll find out the truth when the IAG report comes out. The stuff that has already come out though has Comey and McCabe in big trouble and if McCabe isn't guilty then why does he want immunity. They have tried to rid of Hannity for years and it won't work. The people he has on his show know and are respected lawyers and some are even ex FBI people so they would know the truth.
Goltigami 8 months ago
It will be tough, but my heart will go on.
Grolkree 8 months ago
Love that game
Gukus 7 months ago
I agree that people shouldn't be permitted to mutilate children without their consent.
Barg 7 months ago
Here and Now???? I'm dead
Malasar 7 months ago
Please explain how archaeology has backed up Christian myth as real.
Arashilkis 7 months ago
I kind of agree with you yet again, but 100% accurate communication is an impossibility. Beyond 5he desire for other people to use their language as we would have them use it is our responsibility to make sure we have communicated correctly, that the recipient of our message understands us, and that we have understood their intended message.
Teshakar 6 months ago
Americans will NEVER pay the EXORBITANT taxes needed to pay for single payer!

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