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"Abortionist!!!! I put exclamation marks on purpose."

Wicked - Stormy Daniels is still one of the HOTTEST MILFS around

" And shoved my wet pussy down on her face. Sue, you look bloody gorgeous. "what is that"she causously replied.

Wicked - Stormy Daniels is still one of the HOTTEST MILFS around

I took this opportunity to get out of the house and catch a bus home. " Then as my reward she kept grinding her crotch into my crotch until I exploded. "Dakota made it before on the farm when she was younger. I walk up to her window which has a massive bush in the way.

Bob held onto my waist and guided me down until I felt his knob between my bum cheeks. "Spit on my dick, make it nice and wet.

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Moogugar 1 year ago
How precisely has it gone down?
Tera 11 months ago
They smell like cabbage...cabbage!
Vukree 11 months ago
Best ball tournament today.
Doulabar 11 months ago
reality is what you can get away with.
Maugore 11 months ago
The Bible is clear: Mixed Fiber Clothing is an abomination and compromise, yes... But what else are you going to wear in the summer? Linen just wrinkles too easily...
Faut 11 months ago
I don't think I said that or came close to saying that, but the scientists who are linked to the site I pointed you to consider it less of a mechanism than the modern synthesis. Random mutation is also considered less of a mechanism. Still mechanisms, but not nearly explaining enough.
Zukasa 11 months ago
Yeah, you inserted a political term into theological OP. Politics have nothing to do with the question. Did you have a point with your question?
Dudal 11 months ago
I was just about to say the same thing. I see people way younger than me and they are miserable day in and day out. Nobody talks about doing away with them just because they are a little more active
Sajar 11 months ago
Of course there might be atheists as you describe them, guess you fail to understand what atheism is, just that, lack of god in our lives the very same way lack of mini pink unicorns in our lives. No difference.
Tumuro 10 months ago
So is heaven just earth 2?
Mezilkis 10 months ago
Exactly, he'll need to drown his sorrows.
Brarg 10 months ago
Praise Satan? That's what these things lead to....

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