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"I would be proud if more of our lawmakers also burned American flags."

Mikami Yua SSNI-101

She just had a way of being able to get me off "Slurp it all up!" As if she didn't know. Elizabeth Caine has been self-medicating with some kind of prototype drug," Strom said. Now spread your legs and lay real still.

was his response.

Mikami Yua SSNI-101

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Daizragore 1 year ago
Huh? No, you cannot "kill as you choose"!?!
Gardasida 1 year ago
God Bless her! Good for her.
Vudomi 1 year ago
"I recycle, drink responsibly, and try to reduce my carbon footprint!"
Samull 1 year ago
Well, I am left handed!
Tygokree 1 year ago
So? Not one of my family, so, no interest at all.
Tatilar 1 year ago
They are more content with the wide variety of programs used to appease them.
Fenrik 1 year ago
God, or Brahman, is active through temporal being. He is expressed most directly and most faithfully through the Aristotelian demiurge, the Logos of Judaism and Christianity and the Vishnu of Hinduism, all names for the same divine presence, IMHO.
Nesho 1 year ago
No, I DO NOT need to demonstrate that God exists. He has demonstrated His own existence. No, secular society has not proven to be more moral than God. This view of yours stems from a lack of understanding of the Bible. A whole lot of people still do not know that murder is wrong.
Kibar 1 year ago
Puurfect alabi, I watch criminal minds Dancy, i know how this goes ????????
Mazusar 1 year ago
We don't even have the highest hydro rates in Canada, let alone North America.
Kigarn 1 year ago
Your God sure seems to have made a lot of these folks. Are you sure He's that bad at making breeders?
Mikale 1 year ago
This rant in favour of petulant whining and display of poor sportsmanship brought to you by....
Vujas 1 year ago
Yes, as I said to Chris below, I forgot to say "some religions." I know I messed up there, but I don't think I'm allowed to change it now. :(
Guran 1 year ago
The only criteria, essential to being a christian, is to say "I am a Christian".
Tugrel 1 year ago
Cry harder for me baby
Bashakar 11 months ago
I think the joke is going over my head bc the bowl made me so vewy sad??
Zuzuru 11 months ago
I'll say goodbye now--because you are not long for this one..............
Moogujin 11 months ago
Heaven on Earth baby

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