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"How refreshing during this entire month dedicated to that special group, gay people, that the Supreme Court of America ruled that gay people can't force their lifestyles upon others."

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" Sure enough when I unwrapped my arms from around my mother, her legs were clamped shut with my cock trapped between them. Are you about done there.

"On your knees.

Jenna Jameson Blowjob scene in The Masseuse (Less Filler)

When they were out of sight he gripped Risa's arm, closed his sexx, and will them to be in his bed xanine. He took his hand off her and she whined in protest confusing him until his logical brain overrode his hormones and let him think straight. She reached up with her right hand and started stroking my now hard throbbing cock, as soon as the pre-cum started leaking out she quickly moved her mouth above my cock and started picking up my pre-cum with her tongue.

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I tried to shake him off me like a bitch with a dog in the street; but it was no good; he had me well and truly speared.

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Nirisar 1 year ago
Um, no I am not. I know the libs constantly lie, that is plainly in their history and I know the NDP will lead to economic ruin. op that clarifies things for you.
Zolobei 1 year ago
"Begun", that is the key word. Our Universe is finite. Nothing finite self creates. To suggest that it did, is religion.
Kazralkis 1 year ago
Well...when donnie starts to waffle...usually whomever is getting the "see what happens" gone...perhaps after the Korean summitt?
Yozshuzahn 1 year ago
liberal parties should just disappear.
Sajora 1 year ago
These comments made by the Colorado commission were seen (and I quote) as "inappropriate and dismissive" by SEVEN of our Justices and gave him the victory in this specific case.
Dousho 11 months ago
I beg to differ. Work in a walmart parking lot in West Texas in July. Without those little motorized cart pusher things.
Zulumi 11 months ago
But data can be passed from one physical form to another, yes? So if it is recorded in many thousands of physical forms, how does it die?
Vor 11 months ago
Lets be fair and put Rush Limbaugh in charge of the DNC.
Nikosida 11 months ago
Not exactly a flea marketing, but still...It is kinda weird.
Shakanos 11 months ago
It is proof to me, Eye am witness, just as it was the very first day after Jesus rose up from the grave. and in 300 years the Romans could not stop it!!! though they tried, and eventually after Constantine they , the Romans surrendered to the weakest people in their dominion :) LOL!!!!!! super funny it is!!! LOL!!! :)

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