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"For most Christians, the "absolute" they believe in is that Christ died for the sins of humanity, and in order to be saved, and go to heaven, one must believe, etc..... I am unsure of what you mean by "The secular Christian United Nations" Isn't that contradictory? If Christianity paved the way for non-barbaric human rights, that's great. I'm not saying Christianity is evil or anything."

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As he rolled off Lily to lie next to her, he stroked her hair, knowing that life wouldn't ever be the same again, and for once he didn't care.

Krissy almost instantly start having a hard orgasim again, while she was in mid orgasim I shoved 3 fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy and she start moaning loader.

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Im kneeling on the ground in front of him. " Melody snapped, "That's a lie. " "Its fine, I know you were just playing around. Her touch was electrifying and sent tingles up and down my body. Her touch was electrifying and sent tingles up and down my body.

Ava hairs nalla adarthiya neelama idupuku kila varai irukum. "So I take it you won't be going back to work this summer?" she asked. Then she got onto her knees and deep throated me until my entire load was in her belly.

Then acting like so what. Six girls were lined up and doing some chants, waving their pom-poms (pun intended) and leaping around under Anne's direction.

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Fausida 2 months ago
I never had a real emergency like that but I had my share of bad situations:
Tenos 2 months ago
Right, your intentions can be good: move family to escape poverty and crime to work hard (productive) and provide for your family (stability), and also commit a crime (illegally crossing into the US) to do it. = Good One
Arazahn 2 months ago
But what does any of that, i.e. the Bible or opinion about the Bible, prove about God?
Vugore 2 months ago
A bit yeah I would probably so no cos it's my special day.
Mugul 1 month ago
Evolution is an observable natural phenomenon. In this way, it is a part of God's creation. But the funny theory of evolution by "natural selection" presented by Darwin definitely does contradict the concept of transcendent God. The assumption that evolution is a random process implies that the universe is in an ergodic equilibrium. This contradicts both the fundamental principles of physics and the concept of Creation. A form of paganism (or atheism for that matter). Indicates a deficit of basic education.
Faunris 1 month ago
A cake maker is not an "artist". He's an artisan, like a cobbler or a dressmaker or a florist. This whole debate about him being an artist is, frankly, silly. He uses artistic skills and talents to produce items for commercial consumption -- literally. I believe conservatives have latched onto this "artist" designation to try to separate out the wedding cake from other items he provides but it's pointless.
Sajind 1 month ago
You're right. Let's see what he's really about.
Mell 1 month ago
The movie was worse.
Akigami 1 month ago
See, there's a difference between open-minded and gullible.
Akinojinn 1 month ago
Merriam says it is
JoJok 1 month ago
Actually... education of women is strongly correlated with reduced family size and increased wealth.
Dougul 3 weeks ago
Atheist can't find God because he doesn't exist. So we aren't looking for him. Its called sanity. People who argue against evolution are usually just plain ignorant of the subject. Every aspect of evolution has been researched and explained. If you have further question just look them up on the internet. They are there for the informed, uninformed, stupid and stubborn. If you dispute DNA, then you are dumber than a bag of hammers.
Yokasa 2 weeks ago
False premise. It did not take Him too long.
Akizshura 1 week ago
Not when your going that fast
Tohn 1 week ago
Your sexy only goes so far
Tuhn 2 days ago
Civil war... lol

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