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Lesbian cum in the girlfriends mouth

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Goltisho 1 year ago
Philosophy is a clearer terminology to use to approach the issue. Science is based on Philosophy. Christian moral philosophy in its original informal form in the three Gospels took additional Philosophical form at least in the Gospel of John and the letters of Paul. Christian Neoplatonism developed along the Church line, until St. Anthony the Great set out on his Luke 12:33 ("Sell your possessions and follow me (Jesus)") mission of Christian spiritual growth training. The monastic tradition which followed him then generated a Christian monastic Neoplatonic Philosophical tradition that led to the eight patterns of "evil thought/vices" (later the "Seven Deadly Sins"), the process of Purgatio-Illuminatio-Unitio, which led to St. Benedict?s rule and others. The monastic schools then led to the Universities, where St. Thomas of Aquinas proceeded with his Great Synthesis using Aristotelian Philosophy, and The Toledo School Translations of Greek Scientific Philosophy reached Copernicus, Galileo, and so on.
Kazil 1 year ago
Wasn?t trying to be snide. Just my way of saying I?m not ignoring you, but I don?t feel like fighting.
Faukazahn 1 year ago
You bet that eh?
Garan 1 year ago
No more than men.
Fenrizilkree 1 year ago
What kind of chocolate drinks?
Moogukazahn 1 year ago
More pedophile politicians all around #FTW!
Shaktir 11 months ago
more nonsense, he did get us out of Iraq (you might recall then state senator Obama, was on record at that time saying he would have voted against the war) he knew that the only way the Iraqi's would fight if they had to do it on their own, the result by the time trump took office the so called ISIS Caliphate was reduced by 75% ( with the taking on Mosul) with little loss of life for our troops. Afghanistan, as bad as it is, it is the belief of Obama, the GOP, the Dems, and the US military that Afghanistan is necessary, to prevent the resurgence of ISIS or other terrorist groups. No US ground troops involved in Libya, we assisted NATO in restoring oil production. As for Iraq, he could not get a SOFA, that was satisfactory to our troops from that GWB stooge Maliki, once Maliki was gone, the Iraqi army went after ISIS with back up from the US, as for ISIS it started the day GWB attacked that sovereign country, you might remember Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Faetaxe 11 months ago
What you call the "proper hermeneutics" is known as "eisegesis": Reading into the bible what you want it to say. My field is New Testament, so I've spent many years studying that, along w/ much of the Hebrew Bible, Christian history & theology, as well as ecumenism.
Miramar 11 months ago
For your second point, you weren't referring to actual scholars (who haven't heard of Schweitzer) right? It's a guarantee that every New Testament scholar has both heard of and read (and probably re-read) Albert Schweitzer.
Voodoojar 11 months ago
No more than men.
Fenos 10 months ago
I "lied for Jesus"..?
Kagrel 10 months ago
Lebron got swept by a team with substantially more talent than the one he plays on which any and everyone who doesn't have their head up their a$$ has been saying before the playoffs started. A group you're not a part of.
Gut 10 months ago
That's awesome! I'm definitely going to look into that for her...I remembered in college the local shelter would allow volunteers to walk their dogs, but I had never heard about pack walks with dogs in the community.
Kigar 10 months ago
Are you saying the scientists who found this problem lied? Read the linked article.
Samull 10 months ago
Blah blah blah, you still haven't the balls to address the main reasons why its a fail, and will always be a fail. The process is void, the mechanism too shallow.
Doutilar 10 months ago
If the owner thought selling something to the public legally could be a sin he would have never offered that something to the public to begin with.
Aragal 10 months ago
This is not a problem for evolutionists to explain, because evolutionists make up ad hoc explanations after the fact to accommodate whatever the evidence shows. This can be very simply explained with their new Super Duper Turbo Charged Punctuated Equilibrium
Daigor 9 months ago
Yes, that's the sort of things that end up happening when you have unfettered capitalism and no social safety net or legislation to protect the poor and vulnerable. It's why you had so many people living in squalid poverty and disease in slums and tenements back in the mid to late 19th century. It wasn't until legislation (building codes, health codes, tenant protections, labor laws, welfare programs, etc.) and the unions arrived on the scene that things improved.
Gagar 9 months ago
YES! When you have to attempt that same style at home you realize this was not a good idea.
Vudocage 9 months ago
Sword of the spirit claims to have a PhD in applied physics?
Grokree 9 months ago
See my response to 'unami':
Malall 8 months ago
Good points, particularly those quotes from Paul where he specifically takes his comments "off the record", as it were.
Voodoolmaran 8 months ago
So - are you trying to say something like Ebola is perpetuated by man? Interesting...
Akilkree 8 months ago
I disagree with your assertion.
Kataur 8 months ago
Again, nothing to do with Bronze Age mythology.
Goltijora 8 months ago
9. Any other scenarios?
Maukasa 8 months ago
That entire website is a JOKE.
Yoramar 7 months ago
Longest? That apply to the United States?
Kesar 7 months ago
Too complex for you? This universe's spacetime came into existence as a result of a quantum fluctuation, which occur everywhere, all the time, and can and have been measured. Time cannot be isolated from spacetime. All particles, including those of which you are comprised, are fields. When a virtual particle arises in the absence of other particles, it interferes with itself. This can be seen in the single particle double slit experiment, using anything from quanta to molecules as the particle.
Tagis 7 months ago
That's what I figured...
Jusho 7 months ago
Im sorry you had to go through that. No parent should lose a child.
Kilrajas 7 months ago
What books give an accurate account of the Jesus of history?
Nikogul 6 months ago
If you don't accept common descent because you can not observe it why in the world would you accept god if you can't observe him. You should look up special pleading fallacy.
Vudolar 6 months ago
this may be your contention, but it is not supported by the research. Personally, I contend that many things are 'disorders'. I recognize however, that this is using the word incorrectly and is really only a matter of stating my opinion
Momi 6 months ago
She took up tree shaping and extreme ironing.

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