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"They want women to make up 25% of the CAF? Even during World War II, probably the time in history with the highest rate of women volunteering to join the armed forces of the world, they still weren't even close to 25% in any army anywhere. Not even in the Soviet Union, which bascially used their soldiers like cannon fodder and replaced them just as quickly. The US armed forces has about 15% female recruits on average across the four branches today."


This caused her to have to do an awkward side-step walk. After he was finished coating the girl's face with his seed, Nde stepped away and Talib immediately got off the bedroom couch for his turn with the girl.

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He took his member out of her as she slipped to the ground it stood over her in triumph. You promised to shave me rully. Nadigai srividhyavukku irukira mathiri. He knew it wouldn't take much longer.

"Then how about a side bet, not part of the pot, loser has to streak with George and Kristen. Jim's eyes kept drifting back to Kathy's large tits hanging girla plain view as they talked, and Joe got his first good look at Jill's large bare tits also.

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Kiktilar 1 year ago
It?s a crazy person?s enterprise.
Yoshakar 1 year ago
now you're backpedalling and hedging. instead of telling me what you didn't say, and what you didn't imply, tell me what you're saying without strawmanning with your thoughts on my position per "
Kajishura 1 year ago
...My rent was 1600 for a 1br. I?m salty at all you mofos.
Kegor 1 year ago
So you are ok with all Allah, Odin, Yahweh, Vishnu, ... being the right one. :-) It is really sad to see how much religion kills logic, critical thinking, .... But still, good is holy books of all religions are main source of new atheists.
Mazuhn 1 year ago
I always wonder who gets to decide what quality of life is? Be the same age as me and decide if my life has quality
Zujin 1 year ago
And they are talking about the Colorado Commission in 2012-2014. Unless someone got appointed again they are all gone. The Presbyterian you quoted is no longer on the board. Who still is that you are complaining about?
Samugami 1 year ago
That seems like a heavy course load.
Jusida 1 year ago
I bit my lip the other day and swallowed some blood by accident. Does that make me a vampire?
Samushura 1 year ago
It was a hot topic here for a while, glad the baker won, such a wate of time and money, they need to get these drama queens to pay for this nonsense ??
Tojara 1 year ago
"There's so much wrong with all that. First, calling me a dimwit demagogue is not an argument. It's your mind revolting against ideas you don't like. My suggestion is that you start aiming those "Do you understand?" questions at yourself"
Samura 11 months ago
Same Thatcher the whole time. She was an absolute disgrace and she led the UK and the US down a terrible path.
Vudok 11 months ago
Laws against nudity are also for hygiene issues

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