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"One at a time, eh, old bean? No, of course not, because your intention is not to foster a sensible debate, is it?"

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Friend fuckin my GF on the couch& fuckin her Raw&Stretching her small pussy

At the same time, I felt Trevor's monster cock pushing into me. UGH IT FEELS SO AMAZING OH GOD UHHHHHH When she finally came down from her orgasm and hold some control of her hips and legs I let go of her and sat up on the bed.

Sonya was just watching him and he looked over hple Risa to see if she knew what was going on but she shrugged unable to shed any light on the situation. The older of the two men positioned himself behind me and grasped my hips.

She suggested that I try something new. Emily suddenly stared at the wall in front of her when she heard the second step, a small squish came from behind her and suddenly felt something poke her butt. This made Chrissy even more curious. I could no longer feel any part of my body really, and all this had taken all the energy out of me, so there was nothing I could do.

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Nikozragore 11 months ago
Except, of course, that YHVH God actually breathed-out the very words of Scripture to the men he had chosen to record it, superintending every word to mean what He intends it to mean, when and where.
Shakasida 11 months ago
I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state. I got so many of the "Founding Fathers" words on the subject and how they actually felt about the religions it goes almost 14 pages.
Zulushura 11 months ago
Yesss send him my way. I shall call him Zuko.
Tushicage 10 months ago
The world's largest chain of FOR PROFIT abortion mills strikes again.
Juhn 10 months ago
Nope. Literally his very first comment. He just created his account today. Lol!
Gokora 10 months ago
Perhaps those unsuspecting rich makes should wear a condom to ensure no off spring instead of just thinking of their own bare back pleasure. Or better yet if they are not in a serious relationship with the femake, keep their pants zipped.
Zumi 10 months ago
Just the ones that throw temper tantrums or make wild accusations based on fantasy sources. And I DO have contempt for journalism itself because the industry is corrupt with propagandists, and activists who masquerade as reporters. There are a few diamonds in the rough like Jamie Dupree, but there is a lot of rough and its fairly well littered with dung.
Tojall 10 months ago
Oh for Pete's sake. Starting to get tired of this. It doesn't 'break down', it just isn't tested. Nobody has ever evolved anything. And they have tried, btw. Just something simple, like a new hormone, say. What the experiments show is that evolution is great at refining pre-existing designs, but can't produce novelty. Which we all knew going in, if we're honest. If you accept evolution you've been intimidated into suspending your common sense. I can try to encourage you to take it back, but YOU have to do it. Don't waste your energy being pissed at me, I'm just a stranger on the internet.
Tygolmaran 10 months ago
And no to mention that it shows how uncreative god would be.
Malasida 9 months ago
Ooh! Also, I was a kid who was mostly indoorsy.. played violent video games before I was ever old enough, and stayed my azz on the net writing Nsync fanfic. Though I wasn't bullied, I still was .. self-ostracized lmao [I've always hated people] and I too never went and shot anyone.
Zululkis 9 months ago
OK, I see.
Kejin 9 months ago
The only way christians know whether a science is true or not, is through science.
Arashishicage 9 months ago
all the catholic money goes to the church.
Dim 9 months ago
"organized religion" accounts for exactly 52 hours a year. Wanna guess how much influence secular academia has on a child? You get 52 hours just in a few weeks.
Dotaur 8 months ago
As well you should, because you can't blame your own lack of study.
Mikale 8 months ago
says you. What does he have to lie about? You have assumed all along he did something, anything, wrong? Yet not one leak, nothing, has hinted at to what kind of charge could be? And it was billy boy clinton for the lies. wag the finger and lie.
Dagal 8 months ago
I wanted a public option all along. I was never for the compromise. But it's cute that you are unable to refute facts and instead have to deflect to something very, very far from the topic. My guess is that you will not respond to this back on the topic, but will continue down your derailment about health care, because you know you lost the argument about how these tariffs will hurt the US economy in a big way.
Meztibar 8 months ago
I was almost tempted enough to report this to security. The evidence of activity seemed..deliberate in placement for discovery.
Shakashicage 8 months ago
see! That's a valid argument!!!
Daigami 8 months ago
The immaculate deception
Goltigis 8 months ago
I could just see that dude with a kid at the playground "Don't worry, my son will beat yours up if they can't figure out who's turn it is to go down the slide!" Model citizen...
Arashikazahn 7 months ago
I'm sorry, but if you can bother to show how I am accepting of evil done in the name of Christianity, I'll bother to listen to your telling me what I have or haven't done. Otherwise you are merely projecting nonsense on to someone you don't know or care to know.
Zulkikazahn 7 months ago
It's interesting how many women we looked at as unstable or difficult were actually his victims. Very sad.
Taurr 7 months ago
Of course, the practice of separating illegal immigrants and their children has being going on long before Trump became POTUS. The photos of kids sleeping on the floor in detention was from the Obama years.

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