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"The Mentos ethos: It doesn't matter what you do... Sneak into a concert, steal someone's car and move it, run over an old lady, rob a bank... Hold up a roll of mentos and everyone can just laugh it off."

Fuck yeah, cum in me, Here I cum., Yeah, cum deep inside of me!

He closed his eyes and Susan slipped her tongue into his mouth. Kathy swung her legs over the side of the lounge and leaned over and grabbed a few beers out of the cooler.

I jumped and spun around in shock. "Go, start licking him," the guard commanded, before telling Zafir to kneel down and turn around. You busy?" stickings, my mom and dad went out tonight so I've had nothing to do the whole night.

Moaning Ginger kept grinding her hips into Joe's groin as she slowly came down from her orgasm and felt her feet firmly on the bottom of the pool once again.

" "What?!" he asked, wild-eyed. 'Come on girls, it's stoc,ings to go for a ride. I met a beautiful half Asian half white girl named Robyn. When we were done, we made a pornstarz to keep it a secret from our partners and act like it never happened.

"Thank youbutI'm drunk and need to" I hiccupped and winked, "go to bedalone!" Disappointed but still chivalrous Bob offered to walk me to my cabin as Terry settled the bill.

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Garan 2 months ago
That?s a legal fact howie
Meztisida 2 months ago
My statement addressed the fact that the author attempted to post this as a health issue rather than religious, as this is the Religion channel.
Gardadal 2 months ago
I suspect at least some of the issue is that archaeology is a field that many people know so little about that they don't even know who does and doesn't constitutes an expert in the field.
Mak 2 months ago
Thank you. Yeah your dog sounds similar to mine.
Vom 2 months ago
You say "pretty easy to overturn", but you haven't shown that there'd be any desire for them to do so.
Voodooshura 1 month ago
I was born?
Meztijind 1 month ago
it does, they even communicate the things done for maximum damage. believe me these demented kids read this and plan around it
Majind 1 month ago
Are you a Texan? Howdy neighbor?
Faugis 1 month ago
And now back to the topic.
Vigis 1 month ago
Actually, facts occasionally change as new information is acquired or definitions and classifications are modified.
Grosar 1 month ago
Again, what's the difference in your eyes between a cynical sentimental appeal and actually wanting to be helpful?
Nikokasa 3 weeks ago
Hey, what led you to stealing Truth Be Known's content and presenting it as your own words?
Shakar 2 weeks ago
*looks left and up*....damn your good
JoJojas 2 weeks ago
Power PMA Tuesday (TM) was so successful that not only did we get Monday's surprise problems sorted and solved by Wednesday, but the rain that had been forecast to hang over us all week cleared out for a sunny day yesterday and it's still going today.
Tauzilkree 1 week ago
They had BETTER go to prison.
Tojakree 6 days ago
Surprisingly, I was offended.
Kigazilkree 6 days ago
bwwhahaha. Saint Stallion, that's what I'll call you.
Kazralkis 2 days ago
I listed myself as A) but also as a skeptic... because I'm questioning everything.

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