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"Also, why do I remember the Mustang being blue?"

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She was sitting in the rotating computer chair in front of me and I was standing right above and behind her. "Thanks for the lift home" lizzie said just before we got into the car, straight away I set the mood into my train of thought with, "Do you have any money?" "No sorry I don't" lizzie said, "we'll think of something along the way".

8 Orgasms of Janet Mason Fucked by Byron Long (Perfect Fucking)

I nodded Yes Sir. Not only had Beth been there, she had taken her camera and had pictures of the streakers. fids ok, I'm sorry I asked, that was so stupid!" She stood up, still avoiding eye contact. I ended up back at the first ride I saw him at; there was clearly a lull in people as I was able to go right to the top floor of the queue.

Everyone introduced themselves to the rest of the class.

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Akinomi 1 week ago
On the open thread or on the channel?
Sharisar 5 days ago
Omg! Lol I'd have been like, y'all aren't getting limes tonight.. we're out of them. And if somebody questions, switch it up to improper grammar to punctuate your point: I SAID. YALL. AINT. GETTIN. NO DAMN LIMES... WE OUT. lol. Props to you for being a bartender though. I am so clumsy people would likely be dying from me breaking their glasses and having tiny shards in their drink.

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