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"Statista investigation does not list what the prisoners say, it lists what prison chaplains report. I other words quite useless."

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Marrying Ginny, becoming an Auror, fighting Death Eaters So did he want this, would this make him happy. It felt wonderful. Samantha, meanwhile, screamed so loud that the room seemed to tremble. No sense waking the others without reason.

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Tojakus 11 months ago
And place them in a private school? Or how about home-schooling. Nice if you can afford it.
Kagall 11 months ago
tell me again how you people are suppose to be better than the taliban or liberals?
Dagis 11 months ago
LOL, it's amusing you think I haven't, although I prefer Beard. Do you really go to only one source for historical references? How cute.
Vozshura 11 months ago
Hi Pecan.. i posted an article on this boy last year.. They have made him into a star. He has been sexualized at 10 yrs old and he dresses as a heavily made up and glamorous? female and does stage and floor shows for older men, women and trannies in the LGBTQ-MOUSE whatever 'community'. He is going to be one f*cked up adult. A child should not be sexualized and pimped out on stage for fame and fortune and the amusement of gender fluid adults with alternate lifestyle choices and sexual preferences .. He has been exposed to all kinds of things a 10 yr old should not be exposed to and has no way of processing . I see it as child abuse, straight up.
Mizragore 11 months ago
Mike. I think that religion is not really a matter of critical reasoning of the rational but generally the result of inculcating the susceptible minds of kids. The manipulation of children who can pretend, prone to pretend, fantasize and play make believe is in fact irrational behavior in adults. It is the children who are predominantly emotional enough to believe in irrational abstractions like talking serpents, gods, demons and ghosts.
Shakagami 10 months ago
Yep. Those are the facts. But one can not blame a Baby for sh%tt#ng it its diapers now can you?
Kihn 10 months ago
Such a small minded response. Deb you don't disappoint.
Zulukora 10 months ago
Sure it is
Mojinn 9 months ago
The little shit wasn?t even home. He was in DC, using the tragedy to get himself some silly award, no doubt from an equally dishonest group.
Tut 9 months ago
Wow that was a quick response by The Beaverton (satire people, just relax and have a laugh)
Togor 9 months ago
LOL!! I just hopes he blocks me with all his sock accounts as well.
Yozshusho 9 months ago
Was Genghis Khan the conqueror of Asia or a bisexual? Was James Buchanan a US President or a gay male? Was Charles Darwin an influential naturist or a straight male? The accomplishments of life are what matters. Careers, inventions, artistic creations, etc. Being gay is not an accomplishment.
Yozshubei 9 months ago
that's what I thought. People actually believe fox. Embarrassing.
Jushakar 9 months ago
Actually... education of women is strongly correlated with reduced family size and increased wealth.
Majin 8 months ago
Including, it seems, not make any logical sense.
Nikodal 8 months ago
I've been to ONE wedding where there was ice cream!
Vishicage 8 months ago
Nah, ... it is not at all difficult to think. It is difficult to think almighty god is good and compassionate while in reality he is horrible blood thirsty sadistic monster. THAT is reality. And no wonder people committed so many atrocities in name of their religion because obviously they were able to turn blind eye on for truth.
Mugor 8 months ago
Empathy: One human family; food for all
Mikazilkree 8 months ago
That's their relationship, and entirely up to them to figure out. Is everyone in the little triangle informed?

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