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"Adam/Andy/Payne has an awesome sense of humour? lol"

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Now she knew. bdquo;You had better push down, dear, otherwise soon you'll have a knot in your nipple.

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"and I've been driving you crazy, correct?" he pressed. "I want you to do yourself," I repeated. Krissy put her hands against the door and arched upwards so my cock was hitting her G spot again. Of course, being the natural tease that I am, I began rubbing my leg softly against his and tempting his patience.

She obviously didn't like the taste of my cum, because she made a face like she was going to throw up, but I couldn't care less.

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Dolmaran 1 year ago
Not sure I follow your comment. Yes, genome commonality between species correlates to the phylogenic classification which supports the theory of evolution. For example, looking at a specific gene and comparing its presence in other species correlates to the phylogenic distance as well. In other words the gene shows up more in species that are closer to humans that is does in species that are more distant evolutionarily. (
Doukinos 1 year ago
It will be one of the few things left remaining after the destruction of societies and civilizations. Once again, as in the first centuries AD, the Catholic Church will be there to rebuild civilization.
Mitilar 1 year ago
A question to some atheists who probably will not directly answer:
Munris 1 year ago
It seem to me that you are attempting to project a human emotion on to the universe. Do you mind elaborating a bit? I would argue that their is no evidence that the universe is aware of us or even capable of being aware of us outside the life that under certain conditions is able to arise from it.
Kejind 1 year ago
You're confusing over acts like murder or stealing with covert acts like lust or envy.
Nanris 1 year ago
No, no, no... but if you are to propose that all the little Jewish infant victims of the Holocaust get hugs by default, well, you're steering into dangerous territory... many's the theist I've debated on these very fora who would claim as much.
Zulur 1 year ago
At least you can admit your flaws ;)
Gulrajas 1 year ago
This is true. My dad was the oldest of 13 and my mom was the youngest of 7.
Dukora 1 year ago
I do not believe that. Just like everything. They all come in different shapes and sizes and from any background. But freaks are all around us. You just do not notice unless that's what you are looking for or maybe trying to avoid.
Makazahn 1 year ago
And is always provisional. New data can change a theory or even cause it to be replaced with a better one.
Mem 1 year ago
I observe that some trees are tall. Have you observed an "evolutionary arms race"?
Doulrajas 1 year ago
ah, there are several passages quoted, although it's the 3rd passage from Corinthians that talks about flames - as one escaping through the flames.
Zulukazahn 1 year ago
you're water carrying is sounding very desperate.

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