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728 03:5611 months ago

"Your other posts were removed, so I'll ask here:"

Beautiful POV Quicky filmed with a smart phone!

I felt a hand press the towel down tight over my mouth and nose. "No it doesn't bother me I am just surprised is all. "I think it is time we started our school, Dave. I yanked her shirt up over her head and pushed her down on the bed.

Beautiful POV Quicky filmed with a smart phone!

" He said "That's good to hear, what brought you over here?" I asked curiously " Well, Leah, I came to house sit, but I'm cool hanging out with you too. "What!" yelled Bob. It isn't right. "Are you okay," Risa and Cassie asked in sync. Zxck.

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JoJozragore 11 months ago
And the original Hebrew reads "Almah,." a young woman.
Kagagrel 11 months ago
Sooo, how would you design it?
Mauzahn 11 months ago
As you wish, Sir T.
Kazrasar 11 months ago
I can't date you because we are first cousins.
Faeshura 10 months ago
After life was another later development, just as the concept of where God existed and what was the extent of his power. Perhaps even his number.
Balabar 10 months ago
I see - you're the more smarterer christian, and not an atheist?
Dishura 10 months ago
Are you 100% convinced that you are correct?
Bajar 10 months ago
Welp. Apparently I'm one of them, according to (counts on tiny fingers) five unique individuals in the past week.
Akinolkree 10 months ago
I'm not sure the commenters are saying its not - it seems like most are just complaining that she's complaining lolol
Bagrel 9 months ago
What does Colossians 3:18 say? Please give us the exact verse.
Nit 9 months ago
I agree with most of your comment. One thing i would question (and you're certainly not the only one that feels this way) is that these inner city schools are 'the worst'.
Nalmaran 9 months ago
He is merely a good politician so he will never measure up to need.....just follow the lead....Trump!
Felmaran 9 months ago
For me to guess your question? Suit yourself.
Akimuro 8 months ago
Obviously, our CON clown made this up.
Dozil 8 months ago
Yes, and she's a trans woman.
Kazraramar 8 months ago
What size hole does $19B in subways for Toronto result in?
Jum 8 months ago
You presented good and accurate summaries of the "other historians" evidence. The only problem is that everyone has already heard it, and they refuse to listen.
Arashizuru 7 months ago
Your argument ignores costs, assuming there is no additional expense from the additional activity.
Arashijar 7 months ago
yup, damn those newborn babies and their evil ways!!
Gamuro 7 months ago
I don't. And I don't.
Fele 7 months ago
I'm more interested in your picture.
Mikalkree 6 months ago
Of course there was. What a ridiculous thing to say. It's symbolic of what we can all expect. It's a promise. God is eternal, and he chose to take on human form for a short time. What is so dificult to understand?
Zolotilar 6 months ago
Canada IS a security threat to the USA because the stupid asshole liberals are letting EVERYONE ON EARTH enter Canada without permission or question.
Zoloran 6 months ago
If you don't snatch that rug from under everything and get to stepping...??
JoJogis 6 months ago
While Bourdain was not considered young, I imagine that his demons were lifelong. He didn't strike me as one who would end it all because of government or harassment. Stress is a beast.
Jukus 5 months ago
So many people who live a more casual life don't seem to be that bright.
Vuzuru 5 months ago
Your existence is not the issue. "Some more of His nature here manifesting in Forgiveness" is, dishonest one.
Arar 5 months ago
an atheist doesn't worry about it just like you don't worry about the existence of leprechauns. You own the burden of proof
Dukree 5 months ago
Way ahead of ya ;)
Shadal 5 months ago
No religion has any objective evidence. Nature is only evidence of nature. Not of invisible, magical guys who want you to do certain things and not do others.
Golar 5 months ago
you left out some
Mijin 5 months ago
Ok. That was then. And now is now. I gave some more info for now. The replacement of our present law system with Wisdom.
Tojaktilar 4 months ago
When I say faith, I mean its not empirically provable, its philosophy. But people still debate philosophical positions

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