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"Your other posts were removed, so I'll ask here:"

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I felt a hand press the towel down tight over my mouth and nose. "No it doesn't bother me I am just surprised is all. "I think it is time we started our school, Dave. I yanked her shirt up over her head and pushed her down on the bed.

Beautiful POV Quicky filmed with a smart phone!

" He said "That's good to hear, what brought you over here?" I asked curiously " Well, Leah, I came to house sit, but I'm cool hanging out with you too. "What!" yelled Bob. It isn't right. "Are you okay," Risa and Cassie asked in sync. Zxck.

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JoJozragore 2 months ago
And the original Hebrew reads "Almah,." a young woman.
Kagagrel 2 months ago
Sooo, how would you design it?
Mauzahn 2 months ago
As you wish, Sir T.
Kazrasar 2 months ago
I can't date you because we are first cousins.
Faeshura 1 month ago
After life was another later development, just as the concept of where God existed and what was the extent of his power. Perhaps even his number.
Balabar 1 month ago
I see - you're the more smarterer christian, and not an atheist?
Dishura 1 month ago
Are you 100% convinced that you are correct?
Bajar 1 month ago
Welp. Apparently I'm one of them, according to (counts on tiny fingers) five unique individuals in the past week.
Akinolkree 1 month ago
I'm not sure the commenters are saying its not - it seems like most are just complaining that she's complaining lolol
Bagrel 3 weeks ago
What does Colossians 3:18 say? Please give us the exact verse.
Nit 2 weeks ago
I agree with most of your comment. One thing i would question (and you're certainly not the only one that feels this way) is that these inner city schools are 'the worst'.
Nalmaran 1 week ago
He is merely a good politician so he will never measure up to need.....just follow the lead....Trump!
Felmaran 5 days ago
For me to guess your question? Suit yourself.

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