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"People like to claim there is good evidence for Jesus, but actually, the evidence for that character is pretty sparse. There was, without a doubt, people with the name of "Jesus" back in those days, and it is quite likely that some of them were Jewish carpenters and religious speakers. But, beyond that, given that there have been known edits to historical documents, there really isn't much more that can be TRUTHFULLY said about any historical Jesus."

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His night went from nothing to spectacular in mere moments. After a minute or two, Jim looked at Jill and asked you didn't think I would forget your sexy body did you.

Prone Bone Compilation

"No. cum in me. Krissy begged me to stop and to slide my cock in her, I quickly took my pants down and pressed my cock against her swollen pussy lips. " he commanded. Trevor was pulling out, and sliding in; the grease and the chemical were doing their job.

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Bazahn 9 months ago
How are you doing? Asking for a hypothetical friend.
Tektilar 9 months ago
They are still stuck on witch burnings and the inquisition. Forgive em
Nektilar 9 months ago
You a Fellow Jew,
Tojat 8 months ago
I cannot believe he said that! O.O
Digul 8 months ago
But we do have real world statistics.
Dorg 8 months ago
First degree manslaughter!
Grojin 8 months ago
Think you got it backwards. For over 2,000 years people have been asking for proof of the resurrection, and none has been provided.
Mezil 7 months ago
Absolutely. No one is exempt from criticism.
Grolmaran 7 months ago
I like the turtle on his tummy lol
Gugul 7 months ago
It is not every woman who has the courage to admit to having terminated a pregnancy, and I applaud your courage. This is one reason why the Pro Choice movement has trouble gaining steam. Women are afraid of coming out with their stories.

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