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"Sparring with you is fun. I actually kinda like you ??"

Minus 8, Pinky Blinky Clyde and Inky Dancing. Nude Version

One day I was visiting her at her flat and, while she was busy doing something else, I snuck around a bit and chanced upon some pictures of specificahions having sex with the owner of the cafe she worked in. She smiled and said that she merely wanted to give me something to think about.

Minus 8, Pinky Blinky Clyde and Inky Dancing. Nude Version

Leaving the house, she had scooped up the cum and licked her fingers clean even before her daddy had shouted for her to wipe her face before going out. We shared our relationship woes with the guys on campus and bought each other ice cream when a guy broke our heart although I always seemed to be buying more ice cream for Jen.

"Leah!" Micheal says surprised, "I thought you were supposed to be at your boyfriend's house?" "Yea, I decided to stay home" I said with a weak smile, trying desperately to cover myself.

It wasn't good, but it wasn't unpleasant. The 'lips' that were between his swelling folds pushed them further apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to his vagina. Samantha watched in astonishment as the Korean immediately knelt down directly behind the disgusting giant.

It was such an erotic story. She absent mindedly began to slowly stroke me.

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Faur 11 months ago
Yep. Nothing. Your claims are not evidence. My claims are not evidence for my claims.
Jucage 11 months ago
10 minutes of googling and a calculator.
Fegore 11 months ago
I mean I don't think hair is that a big a deal, if she changes her mind, it will grow back. Yes I think some men prefer long hair. Yes it matters because women aren't around to be attractive to men despite the general opinion. Its more important for his daughter to develop her tastes than be shaped to please her dad's notion of attractiveness.
Fenrijin 11 months ago
The SCOTUS didn?t rule on the baker?s actions.
Tygoll 10 months ago
Well, next time you may want to read the whole thing ;)
Goshura 10 months ago
Plenty of people have answered the topic without digging deep into the abortion debate.
Gorisar 10 months ago
I can tell you're angry. We're only having a conversation. I'm not the enemy. Maybe god's disappointed you in some way. That sucks.
Kazizilkree 10 months ago
Who gardens at night?
Voodoohn 10 months ago
A 120-1 odds horse once won the KD. Maybe god is real? The odds say "yes".
Mazur 9 months ago
Lol, overachiever then.
Bajas 9 months ago
Well yes and no..... Abraham probably never existed. It?s been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Hebrews were an offshute of the Canaanite. Even making their war god Yahweh first in the pantheon. So no Abraham. Jesus is more difficult. While there?s no contemporaneous evidence for him there?s lots of anecdotal that he or several he?s existed at the time. There were a lot of crazy apocalyptic rabbis running around the Levant in the 1st century.
Faujas 9 months ago
So do you think the 5 billion non Christians (and however many are Christian in name only) are less moral than Christians? A rather low opinion of most people in the world.
Totaur 9 months ago
The Trump Party.... the GOP is dead.
Goltizilkree 9 months ago
It's their business model, they can base it on whatever fairy dust blows their skirts up, they'll enjoy whatever rewards and suck up whatever losses result.
Mijin 9 months ago
"The earliest gospel copies we have do not come from the 4th century, but the 2nd" - This statement isn't clear as to what we actually have from the 2nd century.
Dairamar 9 months ago
This might be an arrogance on my part, but I'm surprised that the atheists here don't seem to agree with my original comment. It's so mind-numbingly obvious (unless one is so nihilistic that they deny that logic is foundational to existence) that contradictory assertions can be dismissed that it's a wonder why so many atheists tend to hobble themselves by not utilizing this powerful form of argument.
Nikogal 8 months ago
-lol!!- wonder if he could find us on a map?
Jule 8 months ago
what cutting it short may be unhealthy?How so?
Galar 8 months ago
"The more you have of what you think is going to best ensure your survival, the more likely you are to feel 'safe'."
Yozshunos 8 months ago
That's not what happens in cases with a vehicle. Parents are not found
Mugal 8 months ago
S. That is a good thing, I am 70 and in my childhood we were not to test or question our authorities, scriptures or doctrines. As a Lutheran compelled by dysfunctional parents to attend A Catholic school ( to be taught discipline) I was beaten almost daily and had a finger and knuckle broken by a mad nun. I have some religious issues as you may imagine .
Gazuru 8 months ago
Cretch should not have engineered old man Khadr's return from Pakistan. Omar's mother should have been charged with child endangerment.
Samulkree 7 months ago
Ah, then I misunderstood; your post was somewhat vague. There's currently a ballot initiative to split California into three states. And yes, that is a fantasy. But opposing ideas in a single state are hardly unique to California. Pennsylvania springs immediately to mind, as do Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin...the list goes on and on. So either you're not paying attention or you are, but are looking for some cheap entertainment by trying to troll me with the whole 'Californias are split on ideas!' thing because you're aware of where I live. Either way, it's a digression from the actual subject, which for some reason you don't seem to want to talk about.
Akinogor 7 months ago
CNN would love to air that story. A home takes in a patient. The home takes any etc. If costs are more, state seizes assets. If there still isn't enough money, state pays balance. I'm open to an exception if you got one.
Nicage 7 months ago
You have answered neither of my questions.
Zulur 7 months ago
I tend to say something like "hand me the knife and let the cow see the grill"
Shaktikree 6 months ago
That is exactly what I was thinking when I read the post. :-)
Nikokree 6 months ago
When would you say "people started to realize that it would be nonsense if it would be taken literally much longer"? 100 BC?
Taugami 6 months ago
The Holy Bible of our Heavenly Father tells us everything about creation. Six thousand years ago our Lord Jesus created the world. It was a paradise you know but Eve tempted Adam with her velvet glove if you know what I mean and everything went to shit. Now we are waiting for Jesus to come back and kick our asses up to heaven where every day is Christmas!
Sasar 6 months ago
From that web site:

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