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"There you go bring 6,000 year old superstitions as a solution to a problem they didn't know existed. Are you really such a backward thinker that you can't tolerate a women in trousers but have no problem with your pope in drag?"

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I replied back to him and said "sure. Her body was lingering on the point of orgasm as her breath quickened, her moans peaking; high pitched, short pulses of sound escaping her lips. I turned around and slyly said "I didn't tell you all of my secrets.

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"Most guys never give a girl credit for knowing how to play poker.

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Neshicage 10 months ago
In Canada the line, not surprisingly, is drawn by the liberals. Those affected, not surprisingly, are Christians. The bill was poorly written and favors a specific religion, that being islam over all the others. So, atheists better tread lightly in canada when confronting muslim ideology. Its a spectacular view from where im sitting in the US. We get to watch the canadian liberal puppets shoot themselves in the foot.
Shaktigor 10 months ago
It seems to me it's instructive look at Western Countries that haven't separated Church and State. Canada, Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Belgium, Germany.
Fauzil 10 months ago
There is no Muslim text called "Jihad".
Dataxe 9 months ago
Over thinking; you can get lost in the rabbit holes of why and what if. And knowing the answer won?t mskr you feel any better. You have nothing you have to change about you. His loss
Shall 9 months ago
Might be there, but it's pretty damn cold here. Unfortunately. *sighs*
Tauzilkree 9 months ago
What fact shows that Mohammed did not fly to Jerusalem on a flying horse? Not belief. Fact.
Zulunris 9 months ago
Japan. Outside of Tokyo.
Zolorisar 9 months ago
You didn't answer.
Dalabar 9 months ago
switch on subs or just fast forward to 4:44 - we took care that you find us the next time you aim for us.
Zololl 8 months ago
OK, if you're *solely* referring to forum behavior, then I can understand your point... a little.
Gushakar 8 months ago
Then your friend isn't entitles to any 'complimentary' prints. She should have asked for a price list before she signed the contract. I'm not saying there isn't a little sleaze factor going on here. The photographer should have sent a price list with the contract. It's not uncommon for a budget photographer to offer low prices then up-sale on print packages.
Sazahn 8 months ago
We can actually. What we can't do is take one experience with one person, say an atheist, and apply it to all atheists.
Kazigore 8 months ago
Thank you. Would you like to rewrite my OP?
Dulrajas 7 months ago
It seems to be platform wide.
JoJora 7 months ago
Oh my you are suffering from tds badly!
Shajar 7 months ago
"that affecting a place of employment, or a service"
Gardanris 7 months ago
"Of course we do."
Gotaur 7 months ago
I didn't say it was a good thing. I personally agree that it's not sustainable (and actually the growth curve has been naturally levelling off for a while now).

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